How does the Halo Band from Amazon active points work


With our busy lives, it seems harder to get to the gym. There are ways to get physical activity without going to the gym every day. Just taking a break from your desk and walking the halls or in some cases, walking up and down the stairs. When you can get to the gym, it may be only for 20 to 30 minutes. This is enough time to get in some weight training. Halo Band by Amazon makes it easier to get a last-minute workout in when you cannot make it to the gym. The “active points” based upon data from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization). These organizations have recommended at least 150 minutes per week of moderate intensive activity. The “Active Points” based on 150 minutes and the 75 minutes per week of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity by the AHA (American Heart Association). Active …

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Best 5 features on the Halo App from amazon

Amazon Halo Healthier habits start here

The Halo Band by Amazon has opened up a whole other world for health and wellness. Are you ready? I think I am in love with the Halo Band from Amazon!! The Halo Band is a great way to make things simple. Allowing you to keep your focus on your health. Not on another screen, whether it be for work, school, or just for fun. I think we could all agree that one less screen would not kill us. As the days go by I am learning more and more about Amazon’s Halo, and Halo is learning about me! It is learning my habits and my patterns and collecting my data to help me improve the way I live. Product Details The Amazon Band comes with a USB clip charger, an instruction manual, and a fabric velcro strap band with the devices attached. This is the First-generation Halo Band. The Halo …

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The Amazon Halo Health wellness band, It’s here!!

Amazon Halo unboxing

First impression My first impression of the Amazon Halo was that is neat, small, lightweight, and looks like a designer armband.  It was easy to set up with the Halo app where all the data will be stored.  Unboxing However, I am a little worried if it will be good for me personally. Only time will tell, I have been wearing the band for 2 days now. The fabric around that holds the Amazon Halo devices in place is not the most conformable, If it gets wet. It will stay wet for a little while and that is annoying to me. So, I think will change the band to the Sport band that is available. Where to get the Halo application The Amazon Halo app is available in the Google play store. And Apple App Store. The Halo app requests a monthly membership in order to obtain access to all the …

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How to get started with Atkins

Atkins Phases

First, what is Atkins? To answer this question, we will refer to Atkins where we can find some very important and useful information on how to get started with free tools. So, why am I writing about it here then? Well, it is more to show you the basics to help you decide if The Atkins Diet could be the game-changer that you have been looking for, learn a little from my own experience, and as well help you get started.  The Atkins Diet is as most of you know received its name from the doctor that discovered it; Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins wrote his first book on The Atkins Diet in 1972 called Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution Bantam. He wrote 15 more books following. Check out the full list of books by Dr. Atkins.  Over the past 5 decades, Atkins has improved by making positive changes to the diet, the experience …

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Keto vs Intermittent Fasting

Where is the bread in Keto

There are various diets out there that can help just about anyone to lose, maintain, or even gain weight. For me, the 2 that come to mind are the Keto and Intermittent Fasting. Learning about is the differences between these before starting is very important along with talking to your doctor. I used them both is the reason that I want to compare and contrast them.  KETOGENIC​ How Does Ketogenic Works? Ketogenic AKA Keto is based on carb intake. This is cutting out anything that contains sugar such as bread, rice, soda, and other sweets. Then increase vegetables, fat, and proteins. Pros Fast weight loss Decreasing in sugar cravings Could help Reduces epilepsy and seizure Cons Meal prep Keto flu Finding a way to get all your day nutrition Side effects of not getting the right amount of nutrition My personal experience Living the Keto way has become a little smoother with …

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Heavy-duty exercise equipment mats


By now almost everyone that has limited time to get to the gym has some kind of fitness equipment in their home. Most of us are at home due to the times that have forced us all to remain indoors more often you would like. BestXD Treadmill Mat, Exercise Equipment Mat has the mats that could be one that is the best value and benefit.  BestXD Treadmill Mat BestXD Treadmill Mat has a bigger size that may work better for other types of fitness equipment. These mats officer the same benefits. With a slightly larger surface area if needed. With the ability to hold up to 1,100 lbs (453 kg) of weight. There are several types of equipment that are heavy that you can place on the mats for your full body exercise routines. Product Details:  BestXD Treadmill Mats are made with the same high qu as the smaller 3.94-inch (100mm) …

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What is an Amazon Halo Band


These days everyone has some kind of screen in front of them all the time. Whether it be for work, school, or just for fun. I think we could all agree that one less screen would not kill us. Besides, having one less distraction to our daily lives would be great?  I know, I for one would like that and not having to charge my smartwatch every other day. It sounds as if you would have to leave the fitness monitoring devices alone in order to have both. If any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, then you will be thrilled to know that Amazon has given us just that! A way to have one less screen to distract us, less downtime due to charging but with all the tracking for our health. With the time saved because of our busy lives, we can take time to relax. It …

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