renpho smart scale review

Looking for the best smart scale is difficult, especially if you’re on a low budget. Not knowing what to look for or what you want on a smart scale can be just as confusing and frustrating. At first, all smart scales look to be created equal, but they are not. Some have things like bone mass, water weight, or metabolic age others may only have the basics like your entire body weight, BMI, and body fat percentage.

The best smart scale that I found was the Renpho digital bathroom scale. With this scale, there is no need to worry that you are going to break the bank!

RENPHO Smart Scale details:

The Renpho Smart Scale comes in two colors black and white. The Renpho scale is made of a tempered glass that is 5 mm thick with an ABS plastic base. The base also has antislip grips on the button. The smart scale came with 3 triple A batteries. Amazon has given customers a choice of 2 or 3-year protection plans.

The Renpho has BIA ( Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis ) capability. To obtain the most accurate measurements from the scale, you should not be wearing any footwear and be they should be dry. This is to allow your feet to touch the 4 electrodes. With that in mind, I found a review of a very satisfied customer on Amazon’s reviews with a photograph of a Tanita receipt along with a print screen of the Renpho App comping the numbers. To check it out for yourself: Tanita vs. Renpho.

The age to consider for this is 10 to 80 years old for the fat percentage. The scale is not a substitution for consulting a physician.

The scale is Bluetooth capable pairs with Google Play store and Apple App Store. Renpho App will sync with Apple Health, Samsung Health, Fitbit Bit app, and Google Fit.

The latest app update has removed the beloved Discover tab. You will now need to download their Renpho Health from the Apple App Store and Google Play store or just simply visit Renpho’s website to access their great deals.

Renpho measures your body in 13 ways: 

  • Weight – Total body weight
  • Fat-free weight – Fat-free addition to the body fat.
  • Metabolic Age – The age that the body.
  • BMI (body mass index) – Body Composition of fat tissue.
  • Subcutaneous Fat – Fat that is stored right under the skin.
  • Body Fat – The percentage of fat in the body 
  • Bone Mass – Bone tissue, that per until volume.
  • Muscle Mass – All muscle weight including the heart, other cardiac muscles, smooth, and skeletal muscle. 
  • Water weight – All fluids in the body combined. 
  • Visceral Fat – This is the fat that is around the organs and in the belly.
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) – The inactive state of energy.
  • Protein – If there is a sufficient amount of protein in the body to build muscle.
  • Skeletal muscle – Muscle work with the mechanical system of the limbs.


  • The app can sync with some health apps
  • Multiple users on the app
  • Up to 396 lbs/180 kg 
  • Works with Apple Health, Samsung Health, Fitbit Bit app, and Google Fit


  • Tempered Glass
  • Only 2 colors to choose from
  • Not buying it sooner