Meet the Founder of Work It To Earn It

Hey there, and Welcome to !!

Hi my name is Leslie and I am the blogger behind Work It To Earn It.


I currently live in Texas, although I did not grow up here. I grow up in a small town in Arkansans. My family and I moved to Texas back in 2018, seeking better job options. We live approximately 22 miles from Dallas’ downtown. It is just the right amount of travel. When my family and I want to do something fun on the weekend and do not want a long road trip. If you have ever been to Dallas downtown, you know exactly what I and talking about, traffic is CRAZY!!

Family get away.
ME (Leslie)

After moving to Texas, I started to rethink my health and how I was living. I have away been on the heavier side for my height. There are just so many things I wanted to do, but due to the size that I started at, it just was impossible. I started reading about nutrition, weight loss, Intermittent fasting (IF), and Keto also known as Atkins or Low Carb.

In one year and half that I lived in Texas, I have made significant changes in my health. Where I was on meds because of my weight, this same time a year ago I am no longer having to keep up with them. I have gone from over 60 to 48 inches in my hips and waist 46 to 38 inches. I started at 260 lbs and my first goal was to make it to 200 lbs. My next goal is to get to 150 lbs. I am currently at 164 lbs. I have lost over 96 lbs. Sadly, 260 lbs were not my heaviest weight. So, with this in mind for the past 5 years, I have lost 144 lbs all together. I look like a completely different person now.


Some of my hobbies are fitness, cooking, writing (though if my high school English teacher were to see my blog she may scream LOL), restoring furniture, read about the latest in medical science discoveries, and help in my community when I am able.

THE GOAL OF WorkItToEarnIt.Com

Although, my original goal for WorkItToEarnIt website was not to talk about my actual weight loss experience. It was only to offer guidance through a broad range of different products and services for fitness, weight loss, and equipment. Over time, I realized that people like me want to see someone living through the same trial and error. At the end of the day, my goal for my website is to help others as much as I can, in not going through the trial and error that I had to.

Not to say that you will never face your own individual trial and error. That makes us unique, right? That is one way that I want to be unique from others out there. I have been there; I have done it and I am still working on it!

If you ever have questions, contact us and I will be more than happy to help you out the best way I can.

All the best,