Keto vs Intermittent Fasting

There are various diets out there that can help just about anyone to lose, maintain, or even gain weight. For me, the 2 that come to mind are the Keto and Intermittent Fasting. Learning about is the differences between these before starting is very important along with talking to your doctor. I used them both is the reason that I want to compare and contrast them. 


How Does Ketogenic Works?

Ketogenic AKA Keto is based on carb intake. This is cutting out anything that contains sugar such as bread, rice, soda, and other sweets. Then increase vegetables, fat, and proteins.



  • Meal prep
  • Keto flu
  • Finding a way to get all your day nutrition
  • Side effects of not getting the right amount of nutrition

My personal experience

Living the Keto way has become a little smoother with my family on board. We started slow, we first removed the bread, then worked our thoughts on removing the high carb foods. Replacing them with keto-friendly foods. With having to not only cook the basics like the meat and the veggies. There is also the bread, pasta, and some desserts that you can make yourself that have little to no carbs. Also, some recipes I made were not the best, or at least I did not like them. Do not get me wrong, I really enjoy the Keto

Intermittent Fasting

How Does Intermittent Fasting Works?

With IF (Intermittent Fasting) it is simple, it consents of not consuming food for 16 to 20 hours of your day. This helps in preventing you from consuming too many calories in one day. Leaving an 8 to 4-hour window for eating. If you would like to learn more check out my post “BEST TIME TO EXERCISE WITH INTERMITTENT FASTING”.

Some choose to sustain from eating for 2 days a week for a full 24 hours. Although, it is easy to overdo it in one sitting at the tablet when it comes to breaking you fast. This way of living can teach you self-control and discipline.


  • Weight loss
  • Teaches self-control
  • Can help reduces sugars cravings
  • Less meal perp
  • More time in your day


  • Easy to overeat 
  • Not recommended during pregnancy
  • Side effects similar to Keto
  • Finding a way to get all your day nutrition

My personal experience

I have been IF for about a year now and I will say that someday are harder than others, this is to be expected. The hardest part for me was making breakfast for my family. I would forget that I was fasting, but I would soon remember and stop. I am not sure if the small amount that was consumed affected my fasting or not, but I would continue fasting. Most mornings I could fix everyone’s breakfast and not feel any hunger. I have found that fasting can be harder for a lady is on her monthly flow. So, of the month, I would avoid fasting. 

Final thoughts 

These diets have received a poor reputation, not that they are bad at all it just depends on the person, and if they can handle the diet they have chosen. I enjoy the IF and Keto with them I have lost weight. Something that I noticed is that it has not remained to be on one of these diets during pregnancy. Although, with Keto, I found an article called “Is low carb and Keto safe during pregnancy?” This article could help you make the right decision for your pregnancy. 

One of the most important things to remember is to get the right amount of nutrition. Just because you are not eating as many calories or carbs, does NOT give you the right to eat junk!! 

Remember, this is my own experience.