Amazon Halo Band Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Amazon Halo Band is a fitness tracker that has been in the market with its weird yet unique design. This mood and fitness tracker offers you perfectly accurate data with its ai-assisted design.

One of the significant factors that can add the most customer is the band that does not have any display. This unique band can be a bit over the top for some people, whereas, for others, it can be really helpful.

Initially, I was skeptical about using this band. But now I think it was not the worst decision I ever made. After close analysis, I found it useful but a bit over the top.

Amazon Halo Band
Picture from Amazon Halo App.

It has several features that can creep you out very quickly. The body fat scanner can be a bit too forward for some people and can make a few of us very insecure.

Let’s talk about all the features of the Amazon Halo Band individually to have a better idea.


Let’s talk about the price factor. This band for fitness is available for under 100 dollars and comes with a monthly service to provide your health metrics for less than $4. Overall, the band is excellent for fitness tracking, but one thing that puts this fitness band off is the absence of Alexa.

Initially, when you purchase this fitness band, you will be getting the Amazon halo membership for the first six months. After the first six months, one needs to pay 3.99 dollars for the membership.

The best fitness tracker is precisely used for health awareness and will also provide you with a body-positive image. But with the fat scanning and 3D sensors, body positivity is not perfectly conveyed.

Design and colors

This fitness band is available in several different sizes, so you can choose one according to your requirement. Also, there are three different colors available. You can choose the Black Or rose gold color. There is a silver color band also available.

One of the major concerns of the people is it is 9. Most people are concerned that this fitness band does not have any screen or display, which can be one of the significant downside factors.

The fitness band looks similar to the Fitbit charge but does not have a screen. However, it contains top-notch sensors. These sensors are available underneath the fabric band. But without the display, it can be a difficult option to convince the customer to purchase the product.

Even though this fitness band is made from fabric material, it is still water-resistant. There are water-resistant sensor options available underneath the fabric. You will also find the LED indicator, and there are two microphones available. There is a single button for navigation of the fitness band. Overall, there are stainless steel sensors that are long-lasting and accurate.

Due to the lack of display, it might not be the first choice of most people, but if you finally test this fitness band, you will love how perfect it is.


Comfort is one other most important aspect whenever you are planning to purchase a fitness band. And this fitness band by Amazon will fulfill all your requirements for excellent comfort. The lightweight and soft material of the fabric band will make you like this fitness band even more.

Overall, it is a long-lasting choice, and with the fabric material, there will be less friction and absolutely no irritation on the skin. The material will not bother or irritate your skin, and you can enjoy wearing this fitness band whenever you are going for a long run or to the gym.

Active tracking option

If we consider the activity tracking feature, we would say that it might not be the most extravagant choice but a good option with basic controls. It will help you with checking the hydrate and also will provide you with information regarding the calories that you have burnt already.

The band will also provide you with the information regarding the distance that you have covered. All the fundamental aspects of fitness have been covered with this fitness tracker. However, if you are looking for a much more advanced option, this might not be the one for you.

Even though I like how this fitness tracker was automatically tracking the steps that I walked and did not require any manual input to start tracking. Also, the tracking was pretty much accurate, which is another plus point for the Amazon Halo Band.

Body fat scanner

One of the major and the most important distinguishing feature of the Amazon Halo Band is Duck 3D body fat scanner. This scanner and sensor will provide you with all the information regarding how much fat you have gained or reduced in a particular area of your body.

This one can be the selling point or the downside for most customers. Some customers like to evaluate the weight and the fact they have gained, while others do not want to get into another cycle of insecurity.

Also, the accuracy of this 3D body fat scanner is not the most accurate, which is why it is not the best to obsess over this fat scanner.

Sleep tracking

Amazon Halo Band is also capable of providing you appropriate and accurate sleep tracking. With the script analysis option, you can identify and learn about the several different stages of sleep. You will also be getting the sleep score that has been evaluated with the accurate sensor and tracking option of this Amazon fitness band.

There are sensors available on this fitness tracking band that will evaluate and track the temperature of your body and will also note down the Heartbeat and the movement. With all of that adequately noted down, you can evaluate your sleep accurately and make an actionable plan for how to sleep better.

With this Amazon fitness band, you will also be getting some bedtime reminders, and the meditation exercises will also be available. These activities are provided to enhance the stress-releasing activities and ensure that you are not stressed while sleeping.

Battery time

According to the claims of the Amazon Halo Band, the battery life can easily last up to 7 days without charging it every few hours. However, if you are keeping the mic on, it will last for only two days. But does it fulfill the claim that it has made?

The battery life does not quite last for seven days. It can, however, last for up to 5 to 6 days at max, which is still not so bad. However, some features can be battery draining.

When considering that the Amazon Halo Band does not have the display, which can be the maximum battery-draining feature, it should last a lot longer than that. Therefore, it can be a bit off the edge. 


Highly comfortable

Lightweight and affordable price

The companion application is accurate and easy to navigate

Accurate analysis


Does not have a display

The body fat scanner is not the most accurate

Should you purchase an Amazon Halo Band?

Well, according to my analysis and Amazon Halo Band review, I would suggest you go for this halo band only if you are looking for an essential fitness tracking feature. If you are comfortable with a fitness tracker in a band that does not come with the display, then this one is a great option at affordable pricing.

However, if you are not happy with the display less fitness tracker, you might need to look for some other option.

If you are still on the fence on whether or not you should purchase Amazon Halo Band because you still have more questions, check out Most Frequently Asked Questions For The Halo Band By Amazon here.