How to pre-order your Fitness Amazon Halo Band

Pre-ordering the Halo Band from Amazon is pretty self-explanatory. If you click the highlighted link it will take you to Halo Band. When you come to the Amazon page for the Halo Band. It will say on the yellow button “Sign in to continue” or if you are already signed in it will say “Request Early Access.” 

Upon completion, you will be informed

Thank you for your request

If selected, we will notify you via email. 

Under this, I noticed that it said “This product is available via Early Access only.” Then it said to learn more, clicked on the link and a popup window appeared with detailed information.

“This product is available by Early Access only. To request Early Access, please click “Request Early Access” on the product information page. Early Access will be issued on a rolling basis. If selected, you will receive an email notification when your access is available. Thank you for your interest. “

Terms and conditions

Leave a comment to let me know if you requested early access and let me know if you are granted it.

****Update I received an invitation to prusches the Amazon Halo, I was given 6 days to exp the invitation. Like to find out more then check out The Amazon Halo Health wellness band, It’s here!!