How does the halo band from amazon measure tone

Have you ever heard these expressions “It’s not what you said, but how you said it.” or “You better watch your tone!” Did you know that the tone of voice can affect the outcome of a conversation? I learned this from some reading I did a short time ago from an article called “How Voice Tone Affects Your Relationships” Dr. Albert Mehrabian found that 38% of non-verbal communication came from the tone of voice. This research was backed by the University of Southern California that conducted a study by listing to communication between partners. Realizing that it was never really what the individual was saying to their significant other that would drive them to divorce but how they were saying it. Having a harsh tone can have unintended consequences making others around you feel uncomfortable or make the conversation go in the wrong direction. You may ask yourself how does tone affect my health?

watch your tone!

The tone of your voice could affect your relationships within your immediate family, friends, and coworker relationships. Your tone in return could break a relationship that took years to build. This can and most likely will lead up to affecting your mental health in return influencing your physical health.

Halo can tell the differences between the different emotions from the sound of your voice and the words you say. It displays the moods with a few words to make one aware of how they may sound to those around them.

The Halo Band by Amazon works best for those that speak American English only at the moment. With that said, if you are learning English, this may help improve your learning experience. Amazon stated that “Halo is always getting smarter.”

To learn more about how the tone of your voice could alter your relationships, check out “The Importance of Tone” Alex Lickerman M.D. takes you thought some way that his own tone affined his personal life and a few ways that he started fixing what he knew.

Tone Profile

The tone in the Amazon Halo app is nothing like we have ever seen before. By setting up a Tone Profile within that the app will allow the Halo band to listen only to the user’s voice.

Setting up your tone profile

  1. Tap on tone this will take you to “Tone recognizes your unique voice” Then, Tap continue.
  2. Next, “Set up Tone”, it will ask you to find a quiet space. Give you a little information about how the battery will be used when the mic is not on mute. Tap continue to the next step.
  3. “Turn on your band microphone” do this by pressing down on the Halo Band and holding it for 3 seconds. A green light will flash once to show that the mic is now active. (Note the mic can only be activated when wearing the Halo Band.) The app will automatically take you to the last step.
  4. “Readout loud in a natural voice” This is where you will read what the app display as it listens to your normal voice to analyze it for your voice profile. (3 to 4 pages to read) Then when a green checkmark pops up you are DONE!


One way that the tone can be helpful is in creating a bookmark for conversations that are important to you. The Halo Band allows you to bookmark a conversation without taking out your phone. By pressing the button on the side of your Halo Band one time. This will allow the Halo band to analyze your tone for up to 30 minutes unless the Halo Band has observed the conversation is over.

Some times I will take out my phone just to see the real-time analysis. This will use the mic from the phone, not the Halo Band.

Side note

The LED light will blink blue 2 times to show that it is actively analyzing your tone.

Example times to use tone

  • Job interviewer
  • First date
  • Rehearsal
  • Everyday conversations with your;
    • parents
    • spouse
    • children
    • Freinds

Tone Categories

The Halo App displays faces with a bar grafe that is shown by percentage

Halo App displays faces with a bar grafe that is shown by percentage

Spot Trends

Based on the tone frequency, the Halo Band will take what they call “snapshots” by using the mic that is on the band itself. With the tone taking snapshots throughout the day. After wearing the band for a month or more, you will notice a few trends.

Connect the trends with your tone

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone and noticed that they were not taking you seriously or just being downright disrespectful. Once you change your tone, their tone changes as well with them giving you respect and taking what you were saying seriously.

The data collected from each conversation that you have such as the one mentioned above could help you make connections in each individual conversation. This will help you improve how you come across to others. So, the next time someone starts to show you disrespect, you can easily shut them down by changing your tone.

Job interviews could be another way to improve your communications by making connections with tone. Sometimes we do not realize how unconfident and nervous we sound. Just by the tone of your voice could be enough to send you packing.

Side Notes

The Halo Band can be muted at any time by pressing and holding down on the side button until the LED light flashes red 2 times. The Halo Band detects when it is removed from your wrist and disables the mic automatically.

Final Thoughts

For the time that I have had the Halo Band, I have noticed that I sound sad most of the time. I really do not feel that is the case. So I think that is not as accurate as it should be. Or I am always a downer. If you would like to learn about the other Amazon Halo Band features Best 5 Features On The Halo App From Amazon is a great place to start. For a look at Amazon Halo For their Privacy check out the page called Amazon Halo Privacy.