Best Punching Bags for Home

Nowadays, it seems that the anxiety and stress levels are higher than they used to be. This could be due to high demanding work-life, family life, financial struggles, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of sleep. One of the best ways to start decreasing your stress and anxiety would be starting a healthy habit of exercise along with changing some of your unhealthy eating habits. There are many other ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Other than just treating stress and anxiety the benefits of exercises are almost endless: Lower blood pressure, improve your sleep, lower the chances of developing some cancers, improve learning, and allows you to remain active longer in life.

Having an exercise schedule is one of the most important ways of maintaining low stress and anxiety levels. Some people prefer to set a routine for every morning, others every other day. Alternating the types of exercise can be beneficial as well this will beat the boredom that could result in you giving up. 

Most of the time when people think of exercising, they think of running on a treadmill, lifting weights, or riding a bike. These are all great but sometimes it is just not enough. Some times stress at the moment needs to be punched or kicked out of your life. Take-up Kickboxing, Boxing, or Martial arts. All of these techniques have a time where you can and will use some kind of punching bag. 

The type of punching bag that seems to be the best for this is a free-standing punching bag. 

Dripex Free-Standing Punching Bag



The first punching bag on the list is the Dripex Free-Standing Punching Bag. This Bag is great for adults and teens. With the bag being made up of several layers this will cushion your fist with each punch. Dripex Free-Standing Punching Bag is designed with absorbent shocks at the beginning of the base. This is to help it the bonds back and to help your workout go strong. Without having to adjust going from lower-level kicks to high-level punches for a solid workout.

Product Details

It stands 69 inches (5.75 ft) weighs 137 lbs after it is filled with water. It is suggested to use sand. With sand it weighs 187 lbs. At the bottom of the base is the suctions cup that if kept clean will help hold to the grown with extra stability.   


  • Multiple layers 
  • Absorbent shocks 
  • No Adjustable needed


  • Shocks are not covered 
  • Suction cup only hold if clean
  • Comes two shipments 

Everlast Powercore

The next one on this list is the Everlast Powercore. Everlast is a free-stand punching bag that is adjustable.  Adults and teens can get in on the action and have some fun while relieving stress and anxiety naturally. With the rings, absorbing the impact helps with the bonus back. Keeping the Everlast standing strong. May allow for room to be stored due to being adjustable.


Product Details

The Everlast adjustment starts at 54 inches (4.5 ft) up to 65 inches (5.4 ft). Weighing up to 250lbs weight with water and up to 370 lbs with sand. 


  •  Adjustable
  •  Absorbs ring 


  • Light workout
  • Water or sand may leak from base

Century Original Wavemaster


Last on this list is Century Original Wavemaster, also a free-standing punching bag that is a best-seller right now. What makes this a top seller maybe the fact that the foam layer is sometimes used on memory foam mattresses. This cushion to make your workouts worth it. Covering the foam is vinyl that is wrapped twice to allow the Century Original Wavemaster to take whatever you throw at it. 

Century Original Wavemaster is great for almost all ages. (Make your own judgment.)  Given that a 12-year-old would benefit is a win for me. With adjustability like the Everlast, the Century may also allow for easy storage.

Product Details

The Century Original Wavemaster is standing 47 inches (3.9 ft) to can increase up to 68 inches (5.6 ft) tall. The weight after being filled with sand or water comes to about 270 lbs.


  • Storage 
  • Adjustable
  • Foam protection 


  • Smaller surface area 
  • Needs to be adjusted for upper or lower impact

In conclusion, weighing the pros and cons of all 3 punching bags. The Dripex Free-Standing Punching Bag is favored over the others.  Although, if you have small children around this may not be the best punching bag for you. The Century Original Wavemaster Punching Bag is the second favored because almost all ages can get in on a workout. Punching and kicking the daylights out of a free-standing punching bag? The Everlast Powercore Free-Standing Punching Bag seems to be best used outside or in a garage. Where ever clean up is not an issue. With this said they are all great products. As always, remember when making a purchase of any exercise equipment is its safety.